Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OUR new house!

Well, through the grace of God, it looks like the house is going to be ours. The miracle within every aspect of this has been so obvious, it's absolutely undeniable. I took a few pictures while we were visiting with the owners. Here is the kitchen.

This is the other side of the kitchen -the windows have a ton of old-school character.

There's the master bedroom and bathroom.

One corner of the living room.

Another corner of the living room.
Living room, with the front door. We think we'll either stain it with a nice mohagany or possibly go red!Living room -lots of character with cubbies in the wall. Love it!

Heading downstairs.This will be the girls room -hard to get a picture that showed much, but trust me, it will be cute. I'll post pictures after we're all moved in and y'all can see how cute it all turns out! :)
The back yard. I love this home!!