Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Lance is generally a decent fellow, with a fairly mild (if not dirty) sense of humor. His humor, however, has taken an drastic turn down a spiral that I don’t appreciate, and certainly don’t condone. Yes, now Lance finds simple pleasure in encouraging my little girl (bless her heart) to choose toys that no mother in her right mind would purchase for her daughter. Just when you think that you’ve seen the ugliest and worst in the frog department, yes, it can be topped. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Uglier Frog. This wretched creature is smaller in size than its predecessor, yet, carries with it, qualities that make me long for the good ole’ Ugly Frog days (when eggs inside a squishy body were the nastiest piece to deal with)… Uglier Frog has FLIES in his eyes, and when you push on him, a balloon-like tongue sticks out at you. He’s squishy, and when you squeeze him, you get random bubbles of latex in different parts of his body that protrude. Uglier Frog has joined Ella and Mia for a bath already, and has rested on my kitchen counter for longer than acceptable last evening. Any suggestions on quashing the epidemic of unsightly and offensive toys gracing my home? I’m thinking an intervention might be necessary.