Thursday, March 5, 2009


So I guess my blog has been on the fritz? What the heck? I'll add some fun random pictures, as I often do. Here is an exciting Yahtzee game!I need a photography class -and/or a better camera, as EVERYONE gets washed out, or lost in the light. Any experts have some tips for me???? Nah, we didn't let Mia play, but HEY, NANNY! Pikachu is alive and well at out little Pokemon house. He played Yahtzee too, and was quite vocal every time we asked Ella to "roll nicely"...

Here I am, watching the madness -and watching Ella kick both Lance's AND my butt.
More interest, still no fun for baby. Sorry! Am I mean?
Spaghetti dinner! Here's where the real fun begins....
It's a rare picture when I get the girls with eyes open...
Mia gets her revenge... If you can't roll dice, why not make a spaghetti mess?
Good stuff!
The lovely Ella. Here is the ever-adorable Mia-stare when Mickey Mouse comes on. Note the accessories? The kid LOVES hats and scarfs -she's her momma's girl! BTW, don't bother trying to get her attention during this show. It's next to impossible.
Here I am all up in her grill, and she still won't look away.
She does get up and go from time to time, though. I'll tell you, it's GREAT that this kid is starting to walk more!!!