Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Lunch

We went to SLC this weekend for a yummo burpday lunch for MEEE (Oct 2 is my birthday)! Granny made her divine home-made mac-n-cheese, and we all got to visit and play!
Ella and Sarah got a hold of my camera! :)
Note the red-punch-mouth. Love it!

Lots o' babies! Tessa is about to go tippy.
Rach went to rescue, and the kiddos scattered!!! I love this shot! Benny is falling down, Lily is making a run for it, Mia is outty, and Noah is moving on to the next adventure. Ella is smiling, though!
Rach and Tessa. :)
Cute Sawa! *Note her "sisters" bracelet.
The new baby!
Ella with Tessa.
She's such a sweet little baby!
Mia-babes. How cute is this shot?! We had a GREAT time. Thanks for hosting Mach. Sorry you just gave birth and had a freakin' house-full! You're the best! Thanks to everyone for coming to hang with me for my birthday. I love you all.