Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lex and Noah

There were a few birthdays I've missed in the shuffle...

Lexie- an amazing woman lucky enough to find my brother and set him straight! I can't imagine someone built more perfectly for him -to adore him like he deserves, and to be treated like I know Dave treats her. She's one of my heroes; knowing what she's been through, and seeing what comes out the other side -a testament of faith and endurance. Lexie, you know how highly I think of you, and how much you are adored in this family. You're as much a sister to me as any of my blood siblings, and I can't imagine my life without your contribution. I love you, and happy birthday!

Noah -Lex and Dave's son turned 2. The party was fantastic -and parks are quickly becoming the locale of choice. He's the most gorgeous baby -and his future is so bright. I'm so grateful to know this little man and to see first, my brother in a new generation, and second, see this incredible little boy develop and bring so much joy to his family.

I could start a blog simply writing about birthdays -but each member of this family is such a critical piece of the whole. I can only thank God for blessing us so abundantly.


Yesterday was parent-teacher-conference. As I walked to the school, I suddenly had a burst of severe old age. I know, many of my friends have been doing this for a long time -and it's certainly no big deal. This was a small seemingly insignificant rite-of-passage, but it really came in to focus to me as I approached. I wasn't the girl I used to know: the woman with no children, no husband, no responsibility to anyone other than myself. My life has transformed to being all about these other people around me, and I am lost in the shuffle right now.
...Maybe this is what growing old is.