Thursday, September 23, 2010


Ever had that horrible human moment when you say something you absolutely don't mean in complete deflection of what you should say to yourself?

Perhaps introspection at this juncture isn't the best idea. I have had more mirrors held to me in the last little while than I should have in a freakin' lifetime. It's all because of MY OWN DOING too. Maybe blogging birthdays and outings should be the point of "Becca and her peeps". However, I do know that someone who has the inclination to read my thoughts and see pictures of my life would have to love me in one way or another... So maybe it's okay to speak about myself from a personal point of view. Torn. This is a public forum. I have SO FAR to go to even pretend to resemble the woman I should be. ...And that's not even a perfect ideal! What's "perfect" is so far out of my line of sight it's frightening. I'm trying to keep up with a base-line of "would I be my friend?"....

Not answering that right now. ...But for the friends I have, I thank you. I love you. I need you.