Wednesday, March 3, 2010


20,000 Blog Hits Today! :D It's crazy to me that I publicly allow people insight into my mind- but there's something about it that makes me happy.

I love that there is a raw honesty and dialogue that crosses between myself and this world -I've had hits from countries that I can't pronounce... They may have just been searching for an "ugly frog" and happened upon me, however.

Regardless, the chapters unfold, and my life story, with its ups and downs, exists. ...And someone reads about it. :)

Yes, Lance and I stayed at the Anniversary Inn last night. Celebrating Tuesday, I suppose! ...Nah, we really didn't do anything for our anniversary (Jan 3) and Lance's birthday is coming up -I'm sure he'll be working. He never did tell me what kind of cake he'd like... Guess it's carrot! *MY fav*

BTW: HUGE THANK YOU TO MY MOM WHO WATCHED ALL THREE GIRLZ OVER-NIGHT. Get-aways like this are next-to impossible with little ones, so my gratitude is so sincere -thank you, Mom.

*...and thanks for an absolutely wonderful night, Lance. I love you.