Monday, August 17, 2009


Motivation comes in different forms.

De-Motivation comes in different forms as well.

De-Motivator? Husbands on couches. I got a few things done today, but as he was home (took the day off for a birthday party of a friend of his -happy B-day, Clayton!) and in a very chill position on the davenport, I found myself quite cozy on the big chair next to him.
Maybe tomorrow will be more productive! Eventually I need to grocery shop, bake cookies, get paint for the new (hand-me-down) dresser for the girls, get baby clothes from my mother’s house (thanks for the free storage, Mom!), get baby stuff together in general (HEY, I have bought a new bottle of baby lotion and some A&D Diaper Rash cream for the new baby, does that count as preparation? …I also have 2 diapers for her; they came in the mail…), plan some stinkin’ activities so that Ella doesn’t get bored and throw fits to keep herself occupied, and I guess I should do some deeper cleaning around here too. I remember with Mia thinking that there was no way I could have a baby with my blinds that dirty! …And by-gummit, I didn’t! Not so much motivation this go-round. What the heck?

De-Motivator? Knowing your couches have garbage in them -you know, gum wrappers, a few pennies here and there, maybe a golf tee and perhaps a petrified string-cheese… The other day I had some kind of garbage in my hand and actually found myself stuffing it into my cushions after having seen how bad they were earlier in the day! YES, I know I’ll have to clean it up, but I figure I’ll have a whole bag full of crapola from the couch when I do, so what’s one more wrapper when I get around to it??

De-Motivator? PREGNANCY! …At least round 3 (ding ding ding) for me… I feel and now look like a train. There’s no “pretty pill” that takes this away. I’m not taking an ungrateful-pity-me moment. This is simply stating fact. Any woman who feels sexy at this stage of the game deserves to be drawn & quartered.

I think that’s one of the things I miss most: I feel like I’m SO not myself right now. I am quite out-of-touch with my inner-diva, which makes life for my poor family a little less normal -a little less happy too, I think. For Lance especially, honey, I know I am not the same woman I usually am, but we can all celebrate the fact that we know this stage is coming to an END!!! We’ll have a new little girl in the family, and the queen will once again reign with a bit more NORMALCY (…as is a relative term within the insane house of S.).