Thursday, June 11, 2009

The never-posted Easter dresses!

I never got these little girls pictures posted with their Easter dresses, so here you go! My awesome and INSANELY talented friend Joni hooked me up with the flowers for their hair. I didn't get a great picture of Ella's -which is a HUGE pink one that you can see peeking around the corner of her head. I think I win for 'biggest-flower-in-my-kid's-hair', and it's a title I wear proudly!!

Yeah, it was a sunny day, so 3/4 of the pix have eyes CLOSED! Grrr!
I want to thank Lance's parents SO MUCH for getting the girls these dresses! Debbie had called me before Easter and said she'd like to take me shopping for them -a mom's dream come true! We went to lunch at the Olive Garden, then headed to Kohls and found these treasures!
Yes, I put PINK & A BRACELET on Ella. Someday she'll thank me for forcing the "girly" aspect on her... Right?