Monday, March 29, 2010

My turn

Oh maaaaaaan. I thought I'd skid by on this whole sick-kid crap. No such luck. This morning about 1 hour after Lance went to bed, I felt like CRAP!!!

I had the full-on body aches, and I was absolutely freezing. I had perma-goose-bumps, and couldn't justify touching the heater again! GOOD THING I DIDN'T SHAVE THIS MORNING!

There have been other unpleasant aspects to the day, but the deets are unnecessary! I called my mom and promptly began to cry. Bless her heart, she brought me a huge crystal light from Mooches (my PEEPS! LOVE that gas station!) and took Ella to school for me! She even picked her up and brought her back, which meant that my day really was spent on the couch (and bathroom) feeling cold and sad -trying to deal with 3 little girls. Mia took a decent nap, as did Sabrina, however. They love their mom, and I truly think they could tell I was in misery.

I'm feeling a little better this evening, and hope that tomorrow brings some freakin' ENERGY (thus the super-tired Sat & Sun explanation) so that my kids don't think I've abandon them! Sick moms are no fun.

*Thank you to MY mom who wins the award for 'cares about Becca the most today'! You're the best, Mom.