Friday, February 27, 2009

Girls on my bed

So this first picture would have been a LOT cuter if my lil' camera wasn't be-smudged with baby-love. I thought Ella looked SO pretty in the shot, even though she looks to be in a bit of a dream-like mist..........

Seriously, folks! Aren't they adorable?!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Late Valentine Weekend Post

The weekend was full of events. The first was the huge Monopoly game that Scott and Candace joined us for. This is the new electronic version with higher prices and debit cards. It was good times, but a good reminder to myself and to Candace that we don't really like Monopoly...

The winner, my hubby. He's such a twerp. He had the two big props -different names in this version (normally Boardwalk and Park Place) and I went out owing him $20 million in rent.
Here's Candace exploring the "this game is starting to BITE" idea...
Scott: the magical banker.
Kids had a great time!
Later, we went to the in-laws for some Valentine Cookie decorating! Mia enjoyed the candy!
How cute does Ella look here decorating the cookies? No, I didn't get a picture. We'd had a LOT o' Valentine cookies by then! :)
Here's my sweet Father-In-Law taking some home-movies of the fun times. He got a particularly funny clip of Aneesa (Ella and Mia's cousin) and all the missing teeth in her mouth!
* * *
Valentines Day is also a GREAT celebration of the little love in our lives, Benjamin -Mary & Allen's beebee. He's such a doll.
Here's my cute Ella gettin' ready for some Valentine family dinner love!Sarah and Rach: mid-Valentine family dinner love!
Here are Dave and Lex. Yes, I belive this picture was posed -a terriffic set-up to capture the delight of the moment. Look at the expression on Lexie's face?! She's demonstrating some of the anticipation of the delicious dinner as well as the excitement of watching Benny eat a cake! Dave is more artfully posing as "thirsty man: me want cup, not sippy".
Here's the proud Mommy! Excellent job on the birthday party, Mary. We had a GREAT time!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Some days there is something inside of me that wants to scream and tear away from my life for just a few moments. Sometimes the regrets about terrible decisions I’ve made in my life become overwhelming and I almost grieve a loss of something I never had. In a way, my heart is broken from so much of the wrong influence I’ve let in. In some ways, the perspective I have on life and whatever judgment I unconsciously put on others and myself becomes meaningless.

I have the sincerest faith in the profound meaning of one life here on earth –and the unexplainable effect it can have on others –the butterfly-effect, if you will. I think that when it comes down to it, it’s hard for someone to come to terms with the reality of their own significance, and insignificance at the same time. The balance within me doesn’t come from any doctrine, or any one particular influence. I believe that it comes from the compilation of my experience both in this life, and whatever it was in the previous life that led me to be placed here: in this date and time. I believe that from the knowledge gained –from the lessons learned – from the pieces kept in my heart; this is what makes me who I am, and okay with what I have become.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I had a rough Valentines weekend, as you can see in this picture -I haven't been feeling on top of my game AT ALL lately. Just a few days ago, after working with Mia directly to say "Mommy" instead of "Mama", she started saying "MeeMee" -and it's the dang-cutest thing I've ever heard in my whole life! She says it all the time now, and is also taking 5 or 6 steps at a time! We've had a mini-blossom in her growth with language and movement, so we're celebrating!! Love you my little mini-meemee!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My poor Ella! After Lance walked Ella to school yesterday, she told everyone that she was dizzy. Miss Kristie (one of the teachers) said that she looked at her, and saw that she was reaching for something to steady herself, and was going down! Ella proceeded to sleep on Miss Lynn's couch during school. Right as school was ending; she woke up and told her teachers she wasn't dizzy anymore, and started playing. I picked her up after work (an hour later), and she was pretty normal for the rest of the day.
Bless her little heart, I have NO idea what's going on -and it's definitely NOT the first time this has happened. My best educated guess is something to do with her ears (equilibrium), as she has fought ear infections her whole life. I HATE anything that pulls her away from being her normal bubbly and energetic self. I love my Lala.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Prep.

Yesterday Ella and I decided we needed to get a move-on with the Valentine's Day party coming up in Preschool. We baked delightful cookies -Ella was a HUGE help with her little helping hands in EVERY aspect of the entire baking process. Oooooo the flour mess still makes me cringe a bit... My friend Erin came over to help, and she kept me sane with me little OCD brain going nuts! Check out the final product!
Oh yes, even though Valentine's Day is a pink holiday, we have DINOSAUR Valentines!

Such is life with my crazy little non-girly 4-year-old!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 from Lance...

"As I finished feeding Mia her oatmeal I picked her up from the high chair placed the front part on the table (well Becca's makeup case). Put the unused portion of oatmeal on the table. Then I turned to take her in to change her butt I heard the high chair piece start to fall, in slow motion it continued to slide down the make up case and toward the oatmeal. Oh no came out of my mouth, do I lunge for it, thinking of the 40 pound baby on my left side I wasn't sure i would be able to stop my momentum. Do what you're gonna do I thought. Just then inches away from the bowl of oatmeal it was stopped by the high chair, whew crisis averted. I turned to take Mia in and change her and that familiar sliding sound started a few more inches plop goes the oatmeal, but hey it landed right side up, and then the the high chair front followed hit the bowl flipped it up. So after i cleaned the oatmeal off the fridge and floor I felt I should share this moment with you, I don't blog so there ya go. Love you all Lance"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trophy Husband?

So the other day, I decided to let Lance know how wonderful I think he is, when all of a sudden, I hear: "THAT'S BECAUSE I'M..................."
Yeah, he purchased the shirt himself. Classic. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ye Olde Ticker

Pregnancy Week by Week

Friday, February 6, 2009

25 things about me!

This has been going around, and I thought I'd join in the fun. All my blog followers, you should do this too!

1. I have a weird thing about dirty feet. I think that it came after watching Ella run around the house bare-foot, and being disgusted at the end of the day with what was on the bottom of her feet... I think I prefer to live in denial about how dirty my floors are, and just wear socks everywhere so I don't have to feel it on my own feet. Yeah, I keep my toes decently manicured, but you won't find me barefoot in my house -or anywhere else for that matter. Sandals will work in the summer, but I just can't put bare feet on the ground. Okaaaay, I beat that horse.

2. I have a lil' crush on Glen Beck, who seems to know everything, but in a humble way. I haven't been able to listen to him in a LONG time because I live in Logan now, where you're at your destination in less than 5 minutes, and it's impossible to get into a radio program in such a short time. I also have a mini crush on Dan Evans from Fox 13 AM news. He's so geeky and cheap and innocent --something about him makes me want to ruffle his feathers a bit...

3. I would like to say that I'm organized, but these days, keeping up with my girls (and being DEAD tired with this pregnancy) just doesn't leave much creative room, like right now, what should I do with the diapers scattered on my kitchen floor? Eh, let's see if they pick themselves up....

4. I LOVE make-up. Most folks know this about me. I don't wear it for anyone else, I just feel better about myself when I have it on. I've worn dark eye make-up since 6th grade, and it really hasn't changed much.

5. It's a weird talent, but I choose to see it as such; I believe that I have a gift of making things more beautiful when I work on them. ...This mostly goes for home-decor (Mach can vouch, she'll ask my advice from time to time) and hair/make-up. I have done many a wedding/ dance hair and make-up session, and it's just fun for me. I enjoying helping people feel beautiful, and also creating beautiful spaces around me. A long time ago, Kate (good friend and blog-follower) let me help her decorate her front room... There's SO much more we could do now! Candice Olsen is my FAV designer and inspriation, the woman is a GENIUS.

6. I am no cook. I think I've confessed this before, but maaaan, I can't put stuff together. I mean, I can make a casserole and a few specialty dishes, sure, and I know a lot of basics (Paula Deen is m'girl!), but I have no real creativity in the area. I can BAKE a mean batch of cookies, though!

7. I have some of the most incredible friends. Some are almost life-ers and go back to elementary school -back in good ole' Panguitch. I have others who I met in school in Logan, some at work, and others through my family and friends of friends. When I make the investment in a friend and determine that they're a part of my life -for whatever reason, they're a part of my life. I don't lose or let go of friends, and yet, have a healthy respect for the place (time and season) that each friendship lies in my life.

*I have found that as I grow older, I have less patience for those who I don't feel are real friends to me. Does that sound stuck-up? Maybe it's a mark of aging, where you stop trying to make anyone like you, stop trying to please people, and only focus on those who enrich your life and who's life you can enrich as well.

8. I have a VERY dry sense of humor -much like my dad. I've always said that I'm pretty much my mom, only I chose the opposite road at the same age she chose to get married.... But what we find funny is very different. I LOVE humor -for example: if you've ever seen "Yours Mine, and Ours" (the OLD version), when Lucy takes the drink that the kids make for her and makes the face... I NEARLY FALL OFF MY CHAIR EVERY TIME WITH HYSTERICS!
9. I am a SAP for a good romantic comedy. I have probably seen "Never Been Kissed" 50 times. 10. I have a HIGH sensitivity for prejudice and racism. My ex-husband was Jewish, and I think that one of the most profoundly life-changing books I've ever read was "QB VII". You'll never hear me use the word "retard", the n-word, or the f-word (referring to homosexuals) -as the two latter are (to me) some of the ugliest words in the English Language.
...Oh, and if you use them around me, you'll get an ear-full. :)

11. I stand 5'9" on a normal day with no amazon shoes on.

12. My natural hair color is some crappy-mousy brown, whom I never mean to come in close contact with again. I'll be silver first. God bless my cute little hair diva Lori.

13. My favorite color is pink, I LOVE jewelry, I spend around an hour or so getting ready everyday, and I love to shop. High maintence? Too girly? Nah, I can get sucked into a high-speed chase on TV any day.

13. I am the QUEEN of justification. If you made a decision and need reinforcement (i.e. warm fuzzies), talk to me! ...BAD to go shopping with.

*See? I can justify 2 #13's because there are SO many fun things to say!

14. I am OBSESSED with The Office -as that show is a part of me. It's my favorite part of the week. I also have a lil' crush on Michael Scott, who's "Bro's before Hoe's" speech from Season 3's "A Benihana Christmas" is the BEST written TV comedy EVER!

15. I have DEEP regrets about leaving Mia alone in the tub with a cup for a few minutes last night. …Well my floor feels a bit worse than I do…

16. In my heart, I have more debt than I’ll ever begin to be able to repay to each individual member of my family for their contribution to my life and character.

17. I have a deep respect for education. Every member of my family has a degree (except me). Education was always conveyed as an expectation, sluffing wasn’t tolerated, and doing well was simply a standard. I’m very grateful for this.

*Don’t worry, I have no real complex about knowing the least –from an educational standpoint. In my family, people still come to me for advice! Street smarts, baybee! I’ll tell you all about what NOT to do!

18. My children are my heart and my husband is my soul.

19. I’m still not too great at going under water without plugging my nose –but I’ll take anyone OUT (Lexie…) on an underwater handstand. –And mine are one-handed. Oh, don't be too overwhelmed with the talent, just plan on losing this competition.

20. Someday I’d love to visit Ireland and Italy.

21. Home-made mac-n-cheese and carrot cake are pretty much the staple every birthday meal I've ever had.

22. I have a small old collection of rocks. I have always loved rocks –and am still mezmorized when I pass a stand with rocks to choose from at a post in a national park…

23. I love pottery, old books, farmer’s markets, fresh flowers, and sunshine.

24. I feel better when I’m outside. I love to go camping –it’s such a GREAT get-away, with no agenda, no stress (once you’re there) and only good conversation with people you love.

25. My personality has changed an awful lot since I was younger. It’s a huge realization to watch my own attitude and approach to life change as I grow. I love deeper, I shower longer, I sleep better, I stress less, I question MUCH less, and most importantly, I appreciate being in my own skin. I like myself.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Junior makes his or her debut! Looks a bit like a cashew, eh?No, I had no digital copy of these pictures, so here's what you get! Due 09/13/09!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Pix

Give a baby a clear plastic bowl.... capture the magic!
Maaan, look at this face! How can you not be CRAZY about this face?!

Okay, here Mia looks a bit like DeNiro in an "Are you talking to me?" type way...
BIG smiles!
Playing with the hot air vent!
Cover Girl in the making (snot aside).
Look at that little diaper-bum! She's hovering around the wii controls but I think this might be an actual pose!
Another Cover Girl wind-blown shot!
Okaaaaay, she's done with the pictures. Look at those eyes!