Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Granny

Granny is such an important and beautiful part of my life. From when I was little, I can recall the feeling of absolute excitement and joy when she'd come to Panguitch to visit us in her big brown Thunderbird. Seeing Granny has never changed that same feeling for me. She's one of my favorite people.

Granny is from Tennessee, and still has a touch of her Southern accent. She has coined many a phrase which must be shared:
*Whomper-jawed (learned this word in the context of a tire on a car --it's pretty descriptive)
* I hate it (Granny nonchalantly said this as we gushed over her big vat o' baked spaghetti)
*Well I just lost my appetite (don't discuss gross things at the table -nuff said.)
*Venzeuela (said as it's spelled... there is a hilarious story about a man from Venezuela and a money mix-up)
*Home again, home again, jiggidy jig!
*Oooooo Lordymercyme!
*Remember the laughter and the love Mom asked me to put this banner together for Granny... Not my BEST work, but hard to put major quality out there with 3 kids buzzing around you! Oh, and YES, the banner says 80th birthday --it's what Mom told me to do!! NOT MY FAULT!!! Granny was gracious anyway, but now she has her age advertised on her her garage door, and it's not even accurate -insult to injury- it's a year OLDER!

: / Sorry Granny, it's the thought that counts, right???

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm sure the miss-me factor has been on the full side, so I'm here to relieve the fears of my faithful blog readers! I SURVIVED the Bryant Family Reunion, and actually had a wonderful time! It was a million times better than the last one (nowhere to go but up, really), full of fun vignettes of memories and special moments...
*Mia arguing with her Daddy about ice cream "Das MY i-kee-co"!
*The fireworks that rivaled Logan's 4th production, and hearing them echo through the canyon and rumble your chair (incredible)!
*Watching Aunt Kathleen speak to me and not being able to concentrate on her words, but on how much of my DAD was in her!
*Being SO jealous of Sarah the first night that she had no one else to worry about and could visit and be fabulous!
*Hearing my mouth run away at the "sharing time" when I was supposed to talk about my family and what's happened over the last two years, and verbal vomit spewed waaay too many deets without my brain editing!!! PLAN NEXT TIME, BEX!!!

There will be lots more to tell once Mary gets her pictures up on Picassa. My lovely camera died the 1st day and I forgot the charger! GRRRRRR!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It's that season again!!! It's the biennial (every two years) Bryant Family Reunion, and this time, it's in none-other than Bryce Canyon, baybee! ---For those who know it as well as I do (having grown up in Panguitch for 8 years), it's Bruce Canyon. It's a familiar term of endearment (Nolanism), reserved for those who love it most. :D

Anywho, my days have been filled with insane list-making, with shop-shop-shopping (all 3 girls attached, WHEW), and trying to appease/ sooth a husband who would rather see the event magically put its self together, and for that matter, magically be finished ("except for when I go golfing")! Men! Tomorrow is my last prep day, and Thursday is take-off.

...Can't possibly be any worse than the last reunion, so there's nothing but sunshine and roses in my book! Wish me luck, and feel free to add any camping suggestions!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday in SLC

The girls and I trekked to SLC this weekend to hang out with the sistas in honor of Rachael's birthday and for some much needed chick-bonding! Above is the gorgeous birthday girl! Since kiddos were (as always) part of the package, we headed to the splash-pad at Valley Fair Mall... I don't know if many people know about it, it's kind-of hidden in the middle of the shopping center, but it's quite a little treasure! The kids had a BLAST!! Above is Mia -my water-baby. :)

Here's cute Lily-bug. You can see how much she looks like her Mama!
Allen brought Benji along, and he had a blast with the fun water!
Here's my cute Ella!
For the day, we packed Rach and her girls in the van with us. Here, Lily was dancing to some Lady Gaga, and Mia was beside herself with giggles! Token self-shot! *Maaaan, I was lookin' rough by the end of the day. My skin has been thinking I'm a freakin' teenager again lately... Good times.
I loved this picture of Mia- she's so beautiful.
We ate at Sarah's house- Mary joined us too. It was such a lovely get-together. I can't begin to express what my sisters mean to me and how much I just adore them. *Ella had a bloody nose- thus the kleenex in the pic! Sorry I didn't get any pictures of you, Mary, but I love ya just as much! Excellent day.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Splash Pad!

On Monday (before x-rays) we went to the Providence Splash Pad!!! SUPER FUN! I don't know if it's been announced yet, but my friend Melanie's hubby Rob works for the city and helped build it. He had us go the first day it was up and running... You can see it behind Sabrina -it's a round cement pad with lots of fountain heads that come from the ground in different water patterns. The kids loved it. ...I didn't get any good photos, so enjoy this one of Bri!

*If that lip were out any further, I could park a truck on it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Arm Situation

So a few days ago (baaaaaad mom), Ella was getting off the trampoline at my friend Melanie's home. She didn't quite make it down correctly, and landed on her arm pretty bad. I'd been pretty nervous, but not entirely convinced that it was broken. We didn't go in to see the Doctor -they were shut down for the weekend. So on Monday I reached his office, who referred me to the Radiology dept at the hospital for x-rays. I had to make a few phone calls that night to get someone to speak to me! I did finally speak directly to my family doctor, who didn't sound too worried because he figured the radiologist would have contacted him if it were broken....
Not so much.
I got another call about 1/2 hour later that said it was a "buckle fracture" close to a growth plate in her wrist, and she needed to see a specialist for casting -or potentially a surgical correction. Frazzled mom.
We were chillin' at Candace's for Monday evening, and while Mia was in the pool during all of this, she decided to try and drown twice. I pulled that kid and just swallowed the whining (more frazzle, but better to have my children ALIVE). We left by 9PM. Yeesh!
Ella's cousin Aneesa went with us to the hospital for the x-rays. Excellent moral support!

Today we saw the specialist. We were able to get Ella a splint for her arm so that she can still get dirty and wet and have something left of her summer... It's the right thing for her. 4 weeks, we should have a brand-new Ella.
YES, I feel terrible for putting it off over the weekend. We've been good about the tylenol/ motrin. I hope that she's able to heal now and not feel the pressure and pain she's been dealing with.
Love you, Ella-Boo.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chillin' at Card

Yesterday evening we decided to hit Card Picnik Area up Logan Canyon for some dogs & s'mores! Above is Sabrina with Grandma.

Here's my cute Ella with her very chipped front teeth!
Lance, Bri and Mia. Here's where Sabrina was getting fussy and not feelin' the 'being held' bit too much. Had we let her go, half the wilderness would be in her mouth. Tough age!
Token self-shot!
Here's Lance and Ella. :)
The baby!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer boredom

I have got to come up with something new. I took the girls to the park alone today. :( Ella misses school and a schedule. I need to be a MUCH better Mom and give her something tangible everyday just to keep that beautiful little brain busy! All suggestions welcome. OH, and factor in morning and afternoon naps for Sabrina and a husband asleep during the day.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Okay, the other day I was sitting with my sis-in-law Candace and her neighbor (and my friend too) Aeriole... She told Candace to list off all the things she accomplished for the day -because she knows she likes to do the same thing! I secretly said in my brain "me too"! So here it is!

1- Re-write some thank-you's from Debbie to family from Grandma Kay's memorial.
2- Clean out and scrub the fridge (you don't want deets).
3- Mop every hard floor in the house (a project I'd rather scrub toilets and change poopy diapers over).

Huh. The list isn't too long -but I've been taking care of babies too! YAY me. Little mom victories.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

The weekend has been a whirlwind of fun activities --all with Lance's family. They'd been exposed to Ella and Mia's hand/foot/mouth situation, and my family was looking to avoid that mess (can't blame 'em). I MISSED THEM THOUGH!
You can see on the picture of Sabrina that her mouth still has some sores on it. Heartbreaking! ...She does have a bit more of an appetite now, so that's good. It's been a slow recovery and we're not there yet... Mia is modeling the newest trend in super fun 4th fashions (thanks, Walmart!).

Sweet Bri.
We had an excellent night at Candace and Scotty's house with kids playing in the pool, and all of us doing fireworks. No one was in the mood to hit the massive Logan City display, but oddly enough, their street had an absolutely perfect view of the higher ones -it was a great show!
Me and Lanceycakes.
Me and Candace! *Man, it was a LONG day, and I was lookin' pretty rough!
We went to Hyrum Dam the next morning. Here's Bri in her super-cute swimsuit!! Too bad I didn't get a pic of her in the baby life-preserver for the boat! SO FUNNY!
Here's me after my 1st day of grand water-weenie fun. I'd figured out how to steer it and stay on, etc. It was VERY enjoyable, even with Lance on the back bucking the weenie --and later his mom Debbie on the back bucking just as hard! Donny's goal was to make the most spectacular splash with bodies as he tried to throw us. Yeesh!
Cute Mia-babes!
Ok, so the next day, I went with Ella and Lance stayed home with the two youngest! It was good fun for Ella -she hit the weenie again, even though her first ride from the previous day ended in a pretty scary buck into the water. ...We had a chit-chat about bravery and how life is all about "getting back on", heh heh!
Ella is actually between Scott and Candace (Aneesa, my niece in front) here for the ride! Later on I got beat up pretty bad:
Scotty and I were on the water-weenie, and I was in the back. I'm NO good if I can't see where I'm going and lean to steer it! I was a fraction of time behind what he was trying to do, and when we hit a nasty wake (at around 35 mph), I knew we'd go down, not because of what I saw (Scotty's BACK), but because of the balance. It was really quite terrifying! {Even now, I can feel exactly how I felt when I knew I'd be thrown -and it gives me chills} I was thrown like a rag doll and hit and skidded on the water in an unnaturally ungraceful manner!!! Later, Scott was water skiing, and I was filming it with Donny's camera. He'd just let go into the water, and I told Donny -who must have cut the engine (or slowed down SUPER FAST somehow) and turned sharply... It threw me in the boat and I hit the side of my head on the dash pretty hard. I had an instant headache and rode into shore still sitting on the floor of the boat working through it, and repeatedly answering three little voices (Aneesa, Chaston, and Ella): "are you okay???"
Yeah, a little more scared of the boat/ weenie than I was earlier. Go easy on me, Donny!
I love this time of year. I love that we get to gather with people who are important to us, and celebrate living in the most amazing country in the world.
My bff Erin's boyfriend is in the service and just shipped out. Bless his heart, I am so grateful that there are people like him, willing to fight for what we hold so precious --and in turn, people like Erin, who stand by them. God bless America and those who made it so incredible.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh man. I have a siiiiiick little baby. She's teething, so that explained the fever, but it got pretty bad as I gave her a cool bath at 4 AM... Today I noticed the blisters on her hands and around her mouth. This little baby has hand foot and mouth disease, and is not impressed with any attempts to put her down. Life has been rough on Ella and Mia, as I have been a bit negligent on their care ("FINE, Ella, go get yourself a popsicle, but you have to get one for Mia too.... and help her with it!"). Yeah. My blessed sister-in-law pitched in and took a very bored Ella off my hands this afternoon and is keeping her for the night. YAY! 1 down! My mom helped me out yesterday with a stop at Sam's Club to grab essentials (milk, bread, children's motrin). Yesterday I never even made it to the shower. Motherhood is rough some days. I find myself saying many silent prayers -I can't stand to see her in pain. I hope this passes soon.