Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sunday was AWESOME! We went with Debbie and Donny (Lance's parents) to Hyrum Dam and played in the water! Above is the craziness --just at Walgreens!

Chaedon and Milly-Kisses!
More craziness at Walgreens.
...And more.
YAY! A boat picture! We loaded up and as soon as Ella got on, she changed her mind and was determined to get off again... We made her stick it out, and she came around when the ride was over! Donny scared the be-jeebes out of her with the previous water-weenie ride!
OKAY! Donny scared the be-jeebes out of me too last time! I didn't even bother with water-friendly clothing. I really am still freaked out to get back in! So here's Lance and Chaedon on the tube.
Lance after the ride. ...The tube was "brutal" and smacked their feet, their faces, and other manly parts that made it rather unpleasant...
Later, Chaedon rode a few different toys by himself.
Mia was my little trooper! She rode and enjoyed herself thoroughly -without saying a word!
There's a happier Ella!
Me all wind-blown on the boat! GOOD TIMES!
Thank you Donny and Debbie! It was a blast! :D


Mary said...

Fun!! I want to go boating!!