Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Greetings all! This Easter has been wonderful. Above are the gilded eggs that Debbie and Donny made last night. ...Really, quite beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, here I am NOT. This is my 6 AM shot that Lance took when I finally made it downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny brought a very bright-eyed Ella.
My Ella-Boo.
Mia made it downstairs and enjoyed the sugar-rush. This is her little hand with a purple jelly-bean!
I don't remember why Lance is so happy in this photo! Maybe because I'm so AWESOME.
This is my Easter Basket -filled with Cadbury Mini-Eggs (LITTLE DROPS OF HEAVEN) and my signature scent; Juicy Couture perfume!!! Good job, Lance! I got him a new alarm clock. Did I ever mention that I've hated the alarm clock he came with since day 1? 7 years later, I'm doing something about that! Go me!
Here is Ella's basket & new outfit. I (oh, the Easter Bunny) got her my favorite book from being a kid: Seuss' Wacky Wednesday! She loves it!
Mia's basket and outfit.
Sabrina/ My basket!
Here's my Easter Baby! Isn't that a sweet shot?!
Okay, we were in charge of rolls for Easter Dinner at the in-laws. I am QUITE impressed with my first attempt at from-scratch rolls!!! We're talking scalded milk, yeast, 2 rises, butter-dipped tops, the whole schmere!!! They were divine, if I do say so myself.
...I do feel I may have potentially set myself up for this specific requested requirement upon future gatherings, which may not be the desired outcome of my intense and loving labors.... Hmmmmmm.
WEIRD. While I was eating my dinner, Mia broke into a trance. I captured a few photos of the hilarity. We were giggling the whole time, and girlfriend never broke character.
Hee hee.
Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho!
OKAY! She snapped out of it.
Moi! Hope you all had a fabulous Easter.
*My gratitude for this day of-course goes deeply beyond bunnies and even new perfume. I am so blessed to have the knowledge for myself that Jesus Christ rose again, and that someday I will come face to face with Him. Heaven knows I have a whole lot to do before I get there. My imperfections stare back from the mirror everyday, and I know I owe so many people so much more than I give.
...Work in progress...


Mary said...

Those pics of Mia are hilarious! I'm glad you got some new perfume, and congrats on your floooooofy rolls.

something very bright said...

Those rolls look awesome! I've been wanting to make some like that, but they look like a lot of effort.