Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leprechauns? Seriously???

This is Mia, wishing you all a Happy St. Patty's!
I did her hair today! We had green french toast to celebrate the holiday.This is one of Ella's favorite breakfasts!
Lovely green finger.
Ella's hair masterpiece for the day!

Okay, so Ella came home yesterday all stoked about the Leprechauns that the Kindergarten class set traps for. I’m not impressed. I told her “Ella, there’s no such thing as Leprechauns.” To which she replied “Teacher says they’re real… They’re not real? We can’t catch them? They don’t bring you chocolate?” ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEE???

SO! I told her I’d need to ask Daddy “Because Daddy knows everything, huh, Mommy?”. “Yes, Ella, most things.” ---I didn’t wanna give him everything.

Lance made a quickie run to Lee’s and got a little bag o’ chocolate coins. She’d made a “trap” with her little friend Preston earlier in the day, so I found some green decorating sugar that I sprinkled on her trap (outside the front door). This way she’d know he’d been there, but escaped.

Freakin’ Leprechauns. Where does the lying to kids stop??? I’m no innocent when it comes to telling a minor whopper here or there to keep peace (or keep my chocolate to myself), but seriously!

My Mom was very adamant that we were to never believe in Santa Claus. She didn’t want us questioning whether she’d been lying about God too -plus she was pretty keen on getting the Christmas credit herself (don’t blame her - you wanna coordinate Christmas for 6 kids from Panguitch, Utah and give someone else a pat on the back???)! Lance’s family does the whole Santa bit. I’m okay with it, because I’m not passionate about not having Santa, so that’s what we do. …The Easter Bunny has found his way in, and now we have another totally mythical creature infiltrating our lives where we perpetuate a lie and create some “magic” for a very innocent child. Does this hurt them?

I don’t know, because I wasn’t ever lied to like this. I feel ambushed by the school and am not so happy about that one… I wish I were a whole lot easier-going about these things… That I were that mom who created “fairy tea parties” for her little ladies, and encouraged wishes and princess dreams; I’m not. I’m no where near her, and to fake being her for these little things feels foreign to me. I believe in hard work, in making your own dreams come true, and more importantly, in GOD: which to me, is NOT a lie.

Lots of analysis. Too much for a Tuesday night. Happy St. Patty’s, my friends.


Anonymous said...

I've had the same feeling with regards to whether it's okay to 'lie' about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairie, etc. because I want them to know that I tell them the truth about God. That's a toughie I haven't figured out for myself. When my kids ask me straight-up, "Is Santa real?" I tell them no, but I like to believe in him (with a shortened version of the real St. Nicolas).

Joni said...

Her hair is darling!!!

Leprechauns could exist, I've never seen one, but I'm just saying...... I believe in Santa, just not that some fat jolly guy squeezes down my chimney.... I guess it's the magic that most people believe in and as long as your kids capture the magic in the holidays, then maybe it's not a lie? I do think that your mom has a great point that if she lied about Santa, you kids may have wondered what else was a lie, but you have faith in God, because you have captured the spirit of Him, so I see nothing wrong with embracing the spirit of Christmas, Easter, St. Patty's Day, etc...... Focus on that for the holidays rather than the "creature" that is attached to it and your kids will be just fine!

You always open my eyes to a new way of looking at things. I love that about you!

Lexy said...

I believed in all the little things here and there and it didn't make me even think that those little beings were even comparable to God. I have never in my life doubted if there was a God. God is by far on a whole different level.Its all about what the surroundings and examples are for kids to influence whether they will gain a testimony or not. A leprichaun really wont make a difference. thats my opinion.;) the school and media do take things too far though. its just silly stuff.

Ashlee said...

Did you see Princess and the Frog? I so much appreciated their take on these things. The main character wishes on a star as a little girl and her daddy tells her that wishing is good but you have to work hard for your dreams too...

I thought it was nice. Plus also the music was way cool.

I think teachers making up leprechans is lame. I would have been put out too- I think you're nice for doing that for Ella (who by the way has the cutest cheeser smile!) I would have just told her the truth cause I'm mean!

I loved her hair btw! And your commentary always makes me laugh :)

mommynolan said...

You my take on all these manufactured sales promotions BUT My approach got us out of a lot of otherwise unreasonable expectations around the small town of our residence. What would you do if your kids started expecting money from Father Time and more gifts from the New Years Baby---right after Christmas non the less???
I believe my kids were all about the magic of Christmas--gifts and the unknown was thrilling to them. I am jsut saying, life without all these expectations was just fine and it is doable. It is an option--if you want to chose it. And your kids will turn out just as well, loving, giving, imaginative, kind and grateful as any other children.
but I am a live and let live person. My choices are not your choices and I do not expect anything but equal respect. It takes us all to make this world such a beautiful place!