Sunday, January 10, 2010

...for fun...

I was blog-hopping (for a rare and beautiful moment ALONE -hopefully it lasts, and I can get this all done & posted) and found someone who filled out this super-cute survey.

Here we go!

-Any names your parents were thinking about that you would prefer?
None that I would prefer. They were gonna name me Timothy if I were a boy… I always felt I should have been a Rozaline -but it wasn‘t much of a consideration for them.

-If you had to pick one outfit that you currently own to wear for the rest of your life, what would it consist of?
My fav comfy jeans, my long black silky boob shirt (looks great -sorry fam, I wear it too much around you, I KNOW), and my purple hoodie from Vanity (schpanks Erin!).

-What TV show have you seen every episode of?Little House On The Prairie (I can watch 20 seconds and tell you everything about the episode, and start quoting… It was my “before school” show. …The Office is another fav.

-What movie can you quote every line to?
I am a queen o’ movie quotes, but really The Princess Bride is the most quotable ever.

-What bands have you seen in concert?
Tim McGraw only. :( Someone take me to a concert, yo?

-What bands would you like to see in concert?
TONS! Most notably, Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift, though.

-If you had the money to retire anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Possibly San Diego -great weather, beaches, things to do, great shopping, etc…

-Is there a piece of jewelry or something similar that if you lost, you would feel naked?
Wedding Ring.

-What is one thing [appearance-wise or other] you would change about yourself?
NOSE, close second would be a spantastic-LA 90210-worthy boob-job.

-One thing you would change about your best friend?
How her family treats her.

-Everyone remembers their first birthday party that involved friends. Describe yours.
I remember getting my “Get In Shape Girl” stuff! I remember my friends and sisters playing with it before me, and then I remember being not too happy about the situation.

-If you could go back in time and change your first kiss, would you?
O HO yes.

-How many times have you said “I love you” to someone of the opposite sex?
Too many.

-How many times have you said it and not meant it?
I thought I meant it, but learned much later that I really didn‘t. …But not since Lance has that ever been an issue. :)

-Which member of your family has the biggest influence on your life?
Too hard to say -probably Mom.

-If you won a $1,000 shopping spree to one store, what store would you want it to be?
SAD, but probably Tai Pan. I’d rather buy beautiful things for my house than me. …But Vanity is 2nd. :)

-How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?
Seven, I believe. Ella SO has me beat by 2 years!

-Describe the first real party you ever went to [i.e. first party with alcohol].
LONG time ago, really haven’t been to very many, actually. Apparently there, some dude saw me and got someone else to set us up. …THIS IS WHY BLIND DATES FROM THESE KIND OF PARTIES ARE A BAAAAD IDEA. He was no prince.

-Did you like high school? Why or why not?
I enjoyed it enough, but was ready for the next phase of my life.

-Do you prefer the sound of electric, acoustic, or steel guitar?
Acoustic -especially played my a bother of mine.

-Have you ever read the Bible – even just a little part of it?

-Out of all the states you’ve visited/lived in, which is your favorite?
West Virginia… Absolutely gorgeous.

-Do you enjoy jigsaw puzzles?
Not so much. Less when they belong to my kids and I have to put them together to put them away!

-What’s the best Christmas present you ever received?
My “Real Baby” when I was a little girl.

-Which of your birthdays was the most memorable?
My most recent, and the number isn’t important. Me and my girlz (fam) all got together and hung out -we did toe-nails, we ate, we played games. It was the BEST.

-Out of all the teachers you’ve had, who had the biggest influence on you?
Mr. Hoyt. The man knew everything. Next was Mr. Robinson from 8th grade history -it was his class where I came out of my shell and discovered my opinion… On everything.

- When you were little, what was your favorite Disney movie?
Robin Hood

-What’s your favorite Disney movie now?

-What’s your favorite kind of chips?
Lovin’ the Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips. Yum.

-That you know of, do you have any famous ancestors?
Royalty down the Spanish line. Ooooo.

-Did you ever beg your parents for a pony?
Heck no. I’m no huge animal fan. Beg to go to the Harris’ house and see their animals -ahem, Westley? Yes.

-Would you rather be blind or deaf?
Deaf. I need to see what’s going on, and there’s too much communication that’s not “said”. How would I know that Lance caught my roll-of-the-eyes?

-What’s the stupidest TV show on the air right now?
The Real World. It’s nothing but alcohol-fest USA. No longer a social experiment, but let’s see who can beat someone to rehab.

Last but not least, type some funny or inspiring lyrics as a closing:
“And I know it’s never simple never easy
…prefer a clean break, no one here to save me-
You’re the only one I know like the back of my hand….
And I can’t breathe without you, but I have to…” tswift


Ashlee said...

I am so pleased to hear of another adult woman who loves Taylor Swift. I am kind of a closet fan because Corey says it's tween stuff... but I totally dig her. My Taylor Swift station is my fave on Pandora.

Unknown said...

Did you call Dave the Rockstar a "bother" on purpose? (snort!) that was funny.