Monday, August 17, 2009


Motivation comes in different forms.

De-Motivation comes in different forms as well.

De-Motivator? Husbands on couches. I got a few things done today, but as he was home (took the day off for a birthday party of a friend of his -happy B-day, Clayton!) and in a very chill position on the davenport, I found myself quite cozy on the big chair next to him.
Maybe tomorrow will be more productive! Eventually I need to grocery shop, bake cookies, get paint for the new (hand-me-down) dresser for the girls, get baby clothes from my mother’s house (thanks for the free storage, Mom!), get baby stuff together in general (HEY, I have bought a new bottle of baby lotion and some A&D Diaper Rash cream for the new baby, does that count as preparation? …I also have 2 diapers for her; they came in the mail…), plan some stinkin’ activities so that Ella doesn’t get bored and throw fits to keep herself occupied, and I guess I should do some deeper cleaning around here too. I remember with Mia thinking that there was no way I could have a baby with my blinds that dirty! …And by-gummit, I didn’t! Not so much motivation this go-round. What the heck?

De-Motivator? Knowing your couches have garbage in them -you know, gum wrappers, a few pennies here and there, maybe a golf tee and perhaps a petrified string-cheese… The other day I had some kind of garbage in my hand and actually found myself stuffing it into my cushions after having seen how bad they were earlier in the day! YES, I know I’ll have to clean it up, but I figure I’ll have a whole bag full of crapola from the couch when I do, so what’s one more wrapper when I get around to it??

De-Motivator? PREGNANCY! …At least round 3 (ding ding ding) for me… I feel and now look like a train. There’s no “pretty pill” that takes this away. I’m not taking an ungrateful-pity-me moment. This is simply stating fact. Any woman who feels sexy at this stage of the game deserves to be drawn & quartered.

I think that’s one of the things I miss most: I feel like I’m SO not myself right now. I am quite out-of-touch with my inner-diva, which makes life for my poor family a little less normal -a little less happy too, I think. For Lance especially, honey, I know I am not the same woman I usually am, but we can all celebrate the fact that we know this stage is coming to an END!!! We’ll have a new little girl in the family, and the queen will once again reign with a bit more NORMALCY (…as is a relative term within the insane house of S.).


skipper said...

You know, I don't think I ever went back to being me after that third baby was born, but I'm okay with the new me. And the work is never done. I think I've just about accepted that. Mostly.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure there's ONE person who thinks you're sexy, even if you don't! Counting down!!

Mary said...

One day at a time, Mama, one day at a time.

something very bright said...

Bahaha! It's hilarious that you stuffed extra trash down the couch!

Teri said...

It will all be over soon! The countdown is on! Can't wait to meet the new little princess!!