Sunday, December 13, 2009


So! The Official NFCP went off with a few hitches, but it's alllll goooood. It was changed from Friday to Saturday. Here's Sabrina sporting her super-cute outfit for the occasion. ...Lance picked this little number up. Precious! :)

Here's Sabrina charming the heck out of family... Uncle Seuao was only one of the mesmerized many...
Mom's tree turned out just gorgeous this year! she invested in more unbreakable bulbs because of crazy grand-kiddos, but it turned out to be the best thing ever for her tree!
I had to grab Mia-babes to get her to hold still for one second to get a picture! There was too much excitement going on.
Here's Ella -who always has time to pull out a fabulous pose!
Ok, so we decided to get some snow-action in, since the snow was freakin' abundant and perfect for kids to play in... Here's Tessa-Roo getting ready.

Sabrina made it out in the cold. Look at that little red nose! BOW WOW!
Ella; mid-winter-wonderland!
Mia too! ...Notice the sippy-football-hold? It's common.
Mary -looking fabulous.
This is Sabrina after she made it back inside. Yeah, she was our little pink marshmallow! :)
Noah looked DARLING in his little hat. Seuao is in the back helping kids with the snowman.
A slice of the chaos that IS the NFCP. Here's the annual gingerbread (graham cracker) house battle.
This is me and Lance, gearing up for the competition.
This is my favorite photo. It's Lex's reaction to seeing how amazing my creation was! ...Also realzing how she stood no chance against me...

Just look at the showmanship?!
Simply amazing.
This was Lexie's marshmallow horror. It was good for her, though. WAY TO GO, LEX! (PS- Lex, you know I love to give you a hard time, and it's all in the Christmassy spirit of COMPETITION that I divvy out the insults! You're the best ... Love ya!)
Seuao's golf-green.
Rach's hot-cocoa stand. VERY VERY CUTE.
The night ended with trying to take some pix of the kiddos for mom and dad's Christmas cards. ROUGH. Hope someone got a good one!


Teri said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the gingerbread house competition. You guys are awesome!

Joni said...

The pix with grandma are priceless....all those cute little kiddo's. Seriously so much fun!