Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am grateful for:

My husband
My children
My family & extended family
My husband’s family
My dear friends
School for Ella!
Work & money!
Laughter & music
Delicious food
Fun games (WOO Mario Bros. Wii!)
Vehicles (though un-cool the mini-van may be)
Jewelry and pretty things :)
Calm nights
Warm hugs and snuggles
Awesome TV shows
Make-up & razors!
The holiday season
Diet Dr. Pepper
Imagination & creativity

I could go on and on with the amazing things that surround me. I’m so impressed that this holiday came to be; an opportunity for each of us to take a longer look at what means the most to us. Gratitude is a huge piece of me. I am a product of a million relationships -opinions -kindnesses -and impressions. I have to stop to acknowledge this and say how thankful I truly am.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Teri said...

Can't wait to see you and your fam on Thursday! I'm gonna steal your baby!! 4PM in the lobby. Which end of the building? There are big lobbies on both the North and South ends.........probably the middle, too. That building is BIG.

Mary said...

I agree!

Joni said...

I'm a huge fan of thankful lists! I hope you guys had a terrific Thanksgiving. xoxo

Ashlee said...

I love Thanksgiving posts people do. They always bring my day a little more sunshine:)