Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mom's haircut!

Mom went to see my insanely wonderful hair-stylist Lori. She gave her a fabulous haircut, so we needed to be sure everyone saw how adorable she looks!

Love you, Mom! ...Thanks for having us over this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

She looks so pretty!

Kate said...

Super cute! Your mom is a doll.

Mary said...

Very nice! I love it!

skipper said...

I love the new "do"! I think I need to get your stylist's contact info, I'm seriously in need of a new look!
BTW, I've got your blanket set done, do you want me to bring it to your house, or would you like to meet at Willow Park sometime next week? (Assuming that baby's still in your belly next week)

mommynolan said...

I hope and believe I actually look better than that-1--please let me live in ignorance