Monday, August 3, 2009

Well Bless My Phoebster!

Does this picture not say it ALL???
Sunday was been so insanely busy. Bless Candace’s heart, she called and took Ella for a sleep-over on Saturday night, which meant that I didn't take her to SLC for Phoebe’s blessing. I have officially decided that this is the LAST time I’m driving to SLC before the new baby is born (f-a-t-i-g-u-e). I slept in after my alarm went off at 6:15 AM (used to go off at 4:30 AM, what the heck?), so Lance got me up at 6:25. I was out the door having woken Mia up and thrown a dress on her. We tried to stop for gas, but good ole’ Sam’s Club doesn’t have their pumps open early Sunday mornings. It would behoove me to learn their hours! I left on a prayer that we could skid in on time and on fumes.

Here's our family -those who made it!

After the gas light turned on in Centerville, I went to the wrong church (in Taylorsville). I found Granny’s van at the next church and mad-dashed in. The shush-ing lady from the back row scowled at me when I considered darting to the seat saved for me near the front --it was during the blessing, so I stayed in the back and caught ½ of it. I listened as carefully as I could to Dave as he gave a sincerely beautiful blessing to dear Phoebe Alexis. It was SO sweet.

Here's me (wearing a fabulous black/minimizing ensemble) and the Phoebes.
After church, Lexie’s and our family gathered at Rachael’s home for lunch. It was really nice to hang out with everyone. There is a lot of history with Lex's dad from when Dave and Lex first got together, but it all seemed so full of forgiveness and joy of the occasion. I was really touched by Lexie’s dad’s prayer for the lunch, and I think we all felt the peace that the gospel can bring even after all the circumstances. Overall, it was a lovely day.
Sarah took this cute shot with Lily and Mia! :)

...And I can't resist a cute pic of Mia (thanks for the new dress, Mom)!

Congratulations to Dave and your beautiful family.


Joni said...

OMH, that little blonde boy (Noah?) is so handsome! Your family has been blessed with so many beautiful little ones, I suppose that is what happens when you have an entire clan of beautiful adults! I can't wait to see your next little model!!! Any name ideas yet?

BTW- LOVE the name Phoebe, how cute is that?!