Thursday, August 6, 2009


So Sarah is crazy photogenic. She takes some really beautiful photographs... She'd had this one and I thought I'd steal it and post it on my blog since I'm so much better at keeping my blog up than she is. ...Hey, I gotta have something up on her, right?

Competition within my family is hilarious. I think when you grow up with six kids and have to fight for your position, everything is (ahem) healthy competition! ...This is why I have an extremely loud voice/ opinion. This is why Rachael worries so much. It's why Sarah has so many stunning photographs of herself. It's why Dave drives an SUV with skulls on the rims (jk, Dave -you win for prettiest family). It's why Mary got a hook-up prescription for Latisse (like her eye-lashes need ANY help!).

I love how sweet and messed up my family is in our quirky little way.

I win for busiest blog!


Unknown said...

You totally win for busiest blog! Funny you picked that picture -- I don't really like how I look in that one. Haha.

Mary said...

Yeah, you win. And btw, you stole that pic from me. Love you.

Lexy said...

haha What a funny blog its so true you all are so competitive its funny to watch it all! LOL

something very bright said...

Hahaha, great!