Tuesday, June 30, 2009

El Reuniono De La Familia

Heck no, I don't speak Spanish...

We had a GREAT time at Lance's 1st annual family reunion. It was in Mantua -Box Elder campground in Sardine Canyon. Let's start with a fabulous embarrassing picture of the public Mia-diaper change. I love you, baby! ...Uncle John did work for some privacy. He's got your back.

The Crew

This baby got SOOO dirty!
Here's Lance's brother John. ...The dirtiest of the group, I think. This is LeAnne, Monique (LeAnne's mom and John's wife), John & Monique's daughter Caitlin, and LeAnne's daughter Ariana.
Scotty and Candace.
Love you Debbie and Donny for organizing and putting this reunion together for all of us to enjoy! There's nothing better than family.


Anonymous said...

Love the public changing. Been there, done that a time or two! And there's nothing like dirty kids while camping!

Mary said...

It looks like you had fun. When Mia is older, she will be MORTIFIED by that picture!

skipper said...

I love that besides dirt, Mia is wearing a bracelet! What a sweet baby! And never worry about public diaper changes; I can't tell you how many gas station lawns my kids have had their diapers changed on!