Thursday, May 14, 2009

POUNCE, baybee, YEAH

As expected, last weekend was packed with much more than just Ella’s birthday party. Saturday night after the party, Lance and I headed home to get the girls to bed. Ella got new goggles from Auntie Mach and had lots of fun in the tub with them! Here she is with Mia during tub-time. Ella looked too cute not to get some pix taken.

After baths, Lance and the kiddos headed to bed (Lance worked on Mother’s Day) and I got to head back to my parent’s house for some sibling rivalry! All the babies had disappeared and we were left to our own devices to play some serious POUNCE. Now, for those who aren’t familiar with this evil little game, here it is: everyone has their own distinct deck of cards (I recommend you snaggle some from Vegas –they sell them CHEAP from all different hotels –so of course, I was Bellagio…Ooo.) and you have 4 personal discard piles to take from (in order) and 1 pile of 13 cards to eliminate –which determines the winner. The middle of the table is where the action happens. Everyone is building stacks from ace through king of the different suits. If you have the next card that belongs in a stack, you slap it down before someone else does. You can have TONS of stacks out there –it becomes mind-boggling and confusing. …It’s been known to make the weak (ahem, Sarah) dizzy! Score is kept based on how many cards you have out there in stacks, minus how many cards were left in the eliminating pile –sometimes you have a negative score. For some bizarre reason, my family has latched on to this horrible game and seems to think it’s more fascinating and entertaining than “Mormon Bridge” or “Kick the Dog”- my personal favorite. That’s CRAP! This game requires serious brain power and you have to be very aware and savvy. NOT for the faint of heart, definitely NOT for those who can’t handle the occasional jab and cheat accusation. …Yes, you run into the occasional cheater-head, and I could potentially be one of the bigger culprits (not more that SEUAO!), however, that’s completely beside the point. I believe that all MY necessary tactics are justifiable if we’re not playing a game that I personally prefer… And I’m PREGNANT. There are allowances for this kind of heightened, um, vulnerable state.It was SUCH a great night. I love my siblings SO much –they are a total blast to hang out with. The opportunity is so rare with babies galore, so these nights are absolutely precious to me.
The fam. Left to right, Allen, Mary, Sarah, Seuao, Rachael.
Allen: up close and personal.
Mar-Y Chewyton.
Sawa Bo-Nana
The Wow.
A BERRY excited Mach.


Mary said...

I totally forgot you took pictures. That was fun, even though you had some serious attitude!!

Ashlee said...

Why is it that kids love goggles so much?!? Jack and Aly wear theirs constantly.

mommynolan said...

those goggle pictures are just hilarious! the card game looked like fun. I can't wait until I get to join in again! Now that is something to look forward to! I am so glad you guys get along so well and love each other! ILY, Mom

Jessica said...

I think that is the game my family plays, but we call it "nerds" It's a lot of fun. Another fun family game is spoons, have you played that? Looks like you have a fun family.

Anonymous said...

How fun. Wish I could get with my siblings like that and play a mean game of...something.