Tuesday, January 6, 2009

God Bless Tess!

Baby Tessa was blessed on Sunday. Rach's and my friend Steph made the dress for her -and I talked mom into getting it for the baby. I've never seen a baby blessed in pink -but I LOVE it!! How darling is Rachael's cute little family? We spent the better part of the day in SLC. Rach and Seuao put on a lovely lunch and we all got to spend some fun time together.

Left to Right: Grandmother, Dad, Seuao, Lily, Tessa, Rachael, Mom, Granny
Cute little Lily -she is a charmer with the stuff she knows. She can count to 5 in Samoan!

There's our GQ Noah... He's a little dream-boat, and will be a great big brother!
Noah's mommy!Here's Grandmother with myself, Mia, and Ella.
Here's Dad -all business, gathering stuff to get outta there! (When it's time to go, it's time to go!)
Sarah and Mary!
Mary and Allen's beebee Benny! He has the brightest blue eyes you'd ever see!
Here's my Ella. She's starting to look so much older in photographs! :(
The girls were exhausted and fell right asleep on the drive home. I had some lovely quiet driving time. I was belting out some Shania Twain "Come on Over" tune-age. :)


Mary said...

Great pictures! Thanks for getting them up!

mommynolan said...

That was a great day. You are such a good historian! Thanks.