Monday, September 15, 2008

Noah is 1!

Noah John's birthday party was this weekend! He's just like Dave, it's hilarious! Dave and Lexie have already had some freak accidents with this baby -he's just fearless! He's tiny -in the 3rd percentile for weight, but he's all energy! Noah likes to climb, and is getting used to walking. He's got the biggest hazle eyes and is finally getting some hair! I've never seen a baby come out so perfectly! What a doll!
Happy Birthday Baby Noah, we love you!


Lexy said...

That pic of Noah and his cake is so classic. I Love it thanks!

matt&meg said...

What a cutie! Im glad you had a good weekend! IM here for ya sister :)

skipper said...

Holy cow, he does look like a dolly! Of course, all of these new babies in your family are just beautiful! They must take after their parents and grandparents!
It was very fun chatting with you guys on Saturday, please bring your girls and come visit!
Love ya