Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bear Lake Beach Blast 2008

Better late than never on getting this post out!! BTW, thanks Lex for letting me steal your pictures!! Anyone seen my camera??? Yes, last weekend was the BEAR LAKE BEACH BLAST 2008! WOO! It was also the Tri-Burpday ordeal. We headed out around 11:30ish after a TON of preparation (why are kids so complicated?).
Ella actually rode to Bear Lake with Dave and Lexie and Noah, while we took Mia-babes, Chaedon, and his visiting cousin Caitlin in our car. The beach was FABULOUS!!! Lexi’s grandparent’s have a summer home there on the East side of the lake. We had a blast on the water weenie! Yes, even the kids rode!
Chaedon and Ella spent some fun time on the boat, and the babies got dirty in the sand!
My brother-in-law Seuao was a menace on the weenie, and riding with him was a bit beyond risky –as he was a bucking fool!! We all wound our way back to Logan that evening and divvied out gifts between Granny, Mom, and Sarah. We ate Chinese food on the lawn in front of the house, and everyone took assessment on how sunburned and tired they were.
It was a lovely relaxing day after all was said and done –and it was some excellent family time with no one vomiting. :)


Kate said...

I love Ella's hair in French braids! What a cute girl.

Unknown said...

I love Ella's french braids. Reminds me of girl's camp. It WAS a beach blast! Such an appropriate name for the amount of fun we had. I'm so proud of you for riding the Water Weenie! I think the best part of that was listening to you scream! :-)

mommynolan said...

It was my kind of a day. Thanks for spending and sharing it with me!