Monday, July 14, 2008

OKAY! I stand corrected.

Fine, you win Donnie! It was totally worth it to camp "higher" over the weekend. I'm glad we wound up where we did... Debbie and Donnie set out to get a campsite and got one quite easily at Red Bank -just above Tony Grove. It was FANTASTIC! This was our view.
During the day, a baby bird fell out of its nest. Ella got to help take care of it! :)

Campfire times! Here is Ella and me!

Here's Ella and Daddy!

This is Debbie -my goregous Mother-In-Law.

Ella kept herself busy climbing trees!
Chef Lance -making a spantastic dutch-oven.

Okay, I'm a terrible mother. Amidst all of my running around, I neglected to bring something warm for Mia to wear when we came up. :( Here's my poor cold baby (who wasn't feeling the blanket around her shoulders) with Ella's sweatpants draped around her like a bib!

Wacky Ella.

Papa and Mia :)

My beautiful little girl. *I don't think I ever see her without a ring of whatever it is that she's been eating around her little mouth. I'm blind to it anymore. We can get home from a trip shopping, and it might dawn on me that we've been everywhere with spooge on her face. Oh well. At least here while camping, it's all part of nature.
Like father, like son.

During the weekend, on Saturday, my sista's came to Logan, in celebration of Rachael's birthday. We had a fun girlz' day -hitting the Farmer's Market, then Papa Kelsey's for lunch, watched a chick-flick at my home, then hit the salon for some fun pedicures. My toes look fabulous! What an excellent weekend! I'm grateful for some good family time. My favorite part of the whole weekend was Saturday night when everyone went to bed. Lance and I froze and cuddled -it was such a sweet moment. I'm so blessed.


Anonymous said...

You guys always have so much fun together! I still can't wrap my head around camping, though. Oh well, maybe someday I will be brave enough to try. I still think that you need to write a book! You are such a good story teller! Hope work is going ok!

Kate said...

Has anyone ever told you that Ella resembles her grandmother? I can totally see it in that profile picture of Debbie.