Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am- 30 flirty and thriving.

I know- what I stand for and the standard in which I will be treated.

I want- to someday own a freakin’ home!

I once- compromised love for the sake of a freedom I didn’t understand.

I wish- I hadn’t.

I hate- when people pronounce the word nuclear, “nucular” –NUCL, people, not NUCU!!

I miss- John.

I hear- the air conditioning. It’s a quiet morning.

I smell- sexy! I’m wearing obsession –a gift from my mother-in-law.

I have- a crooked smile.

I crave- coffee. It’s my first non-human love.

I search- for the elusive umbrellas that I KNOW I own!

I wonder- how I’d ever survive without a solid foundation of faith.

I regret- a million stupid decisions I’ve made. Those who say they have no regrets bug me… I should have done a LOT of things better or differently –perhaps that regret is what drives me now.

I care- about my friends and family, deeply.

I will not- allow someone to treat me less than I deserve.

I always- want kisses!

I am not- an Obama supporter.

I believe- in God.

I dance- to “The Office” opening music like a wild banshee! It’s my happy place!

I sing- In the car –with LOUD music!

I don't always- wipe the babie’s bum when there’s just peepees. Am I terrible?

I win-NOT the lottery, but lots of life lessons. …Is that winning?

I never- follow through on a menu plan for the week. I need help.

I can usually be found- at work or with my kids.

I am happy about- my job –it’s a good one.

I tag- like my schweet friend Joni, anyone who wants to join in the fun!


Joni said...

You did it! I love these because I always learn something new! I can't wait to see you on the 16th!