Friday, May 30, 2008


Ever notice that the internal dialogue you’re listening to isn’t singing a pretty tune? We talk to ourselves all day long –and in those times that we pay attention, what are we saying? Sometimes we need a firm solid reminder that we are human and are flawed –which in and of its self, is beautiful. Yesterday I watched a good friend of mine as she dealt with some extraordinary circumstances beyond what I’ve ever experienced. She vocalized a few of the thoughts in her head –and I couldn’t help but notice how hard she was on herself. It made me step back:
We need to be kinder to ourselves.
Often we find our “ah-ha” moments (as Opra calls them) as something that kicks our butts into shape, and may inspire a couple of days of great dieting, or extending service, or house cleaning, etc. This time it was much more of an awakening to the fact that my little “ah-ha” moments are fleeting, yet this concept needs to become permanent. I believe that we are given our trials as a way to better ourselves. Many would see the end-result (i.e. coming out on-top) as the important goal. I’m starting to see it differently; I believe that allowing ourselves to feel the moments of sorrow, or anger, or joy and being forgiving with our own frailty is what is going to make our lives more meaningful, and ultimately create a stronger person inside. I’m not necessarily here to “endure to the end” so to speak –as some amazing reward awaits me. If I can love myself and be completely satisfied with who I am as a woman and individual, then all the end result will take care of itself.


Kate said...

Rebecca, have I mentioned how completely beautiful you are? Both inside and out!