Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gettin' out

Logan has some wonderful places to get out and away to. The other day my friend Melanie and I have been for a few walks at Logan River Walk -it's awesome. The girls love love love getting out of the house and doing something different! I'm planning on this summer being outside as much as possible!

Me and Mel. :)
Melanie pushing m'babies -Sabrina in the back with the cheese, and pretty Mia with her stolen barbies!
Lounged and lovin' it.
Neither prepared for the shot. CUTE!


something very bright said...

I'm with you: sometimes I need to get out. Unfortunately, that mostly just means heading to the suburbs, and not the real outside, but it still has a good effect on me.

mommynolan said...

I will go with you-if you need company some day. It looks like fun-and good for the body and mind as well.

Anonymous said...

I just love Logan. It's such a beautiful place.

Mary said...

Ditto! I'm loving the nice weather. Where is the River Walk again?

Jessica said...

I love that river walk. We use to go ALL the time and bring bikes. You are looking beatiful as always.