Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Prayer- man, gotta hit the knees.
Christmas spirit? Yes. This time it wasn't quite for the girls though, but for me. I went with Mom to her Relief Society Christmas Party. The program focused on women at the time of Christ -Mary, her mother, Joseph's mother, the Innkeeper's wife... So much about tonight was a personal witness within my heart that Christ is my center and that He is the Savior of mankind. The final woman who spoke did not portray that of a woman at Christ's time, but rather, the affected woman of today. This woman holds such a special place in my heart. Her college-age daughter died of leukemia this year. She spoke of Jesus, who knows our sorrows. She bore witness of the Christ who loves us so perfectly and personally -and as she cried, I cried too.

I found a quick moment when it was all over to stop her and thank her. Many many years ago, I had had for only an evening, her precious daughter in my care. I told her that when we lost John, yes, I lost a brother, but watching my parents lose their child was unbearable. I remember the first Christmas after it had happened so clearly. Though we heal, and our hearts figure out a peace, every Christmas is the sweetest reminder that Christ loves us -and loved me enough to give me the privilege of being John's sister. I told this sweet lady that her daughter's testimony was printed and kept at my Mom's home, where I read it several times. I told her that watching her speak tonight took me back to seeing the heartache in my own Mom, but it's also a calm witness that Christ heals.

When we stop to focus on the miracles, they come in to focus with abundance. I am humbled.