Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Temple Square!

Temple Square in Salt Lake City is one of the most magical and amazing things kiddos can go see at Christmastime. I have memories from being a child going there (remember me pulling out the bulb from the huge red tree and having the whole thing go out, siblings o' mine? heh heh). Taking my children there is building beautiful memories for them, but even more incredible memories for me as an adult watching them...

Mia refused to wear a coat, but got along just fine. :)
Cute Ella at the ponds... She has like 5 loose teeth!
Lance and Ella! You can't see it well enough in this picture, but the tree was absolutely amazing! Not a branch unlit...
Lance jumped in one of my "token self shots", so here WE are!
Lance and Ella, with a glimpse of the coat (not Sabrina -as she preferred to walk, grrrrr!) stroller.
Lance and Chaedon!
Sabrina whined on the way home until she got a bum change. Oooooo, bad parent moment. Sorry, babe! Look at all the forgiveness in her little face!!!
I DROVE! Lance gave me a lil' payback from the bazillion pix of him driving I tend to take. How lucky would you have to BE to have this face steering the wheel?!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The schedule

...As the schedule fills up, the time for family becomes more and more precious. This Christmas, I have already received what I want --my family is together.

The beautiful miracle of love is real as it ever was in my deepest hopes.