Thursday, August 5, 2010


Above is the lil' poster I made for Mom... I feel terrible that she didn't get a banner like Granny's, but I hope that the chocolate makes up for it... (heh heh)

Yesterday we headed to Layton for the celebration of Sarah's birthday. I made beans (again) and cornbread. The main meal was a white chili, which was actually quite delicious!
Ella looks precious here! Her little cheeks are SO sun-kissed. : )
Sabrina and Mia kept themselves busy with Phoebe's toys for a while.
It's rare when Mia will actually stop and look at you while she says "cheese" -so this picture is precious! Left to right: Rachael, Sabrina, Dave, Lex, Phoebes, Sarah, and Mary!
Happy Birthday Sarah. You're one of my heroes.