Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy 24th!

It's Pioneer Day, folks! The weekend was packed with family fun times, of course! Here we are at the parade! Above is my Mia-Babes.Chaedon hung out with us for the weekend -SUCH a sweetheart.

Mia really had a blast dancing and clapping for all of the floats!
Here's Miss Lynn -helping Ella see us shouting for her to wave! She was pretty in to the taffy that she was throwing and didn't notice us until we'd almost gotten out of her view! Great job on getting a few shots, Lance, I didn't think we'd get her!
I have a sincere appreciation for living in Utah. I love that I wasn't exposed to a lot of what is out there -and am actually grateful for the innocence I grew up with. I believe that it created in me a stronger conviction in what I hold dear. I believe that being amongst so many of the same kind of people can forge an individuality worth fighting for; and a character unique amongst others.
My hope for my girls is that they are as protected as I was... yet develop a beautiful individuality as they find camaraderie with others like themselves.


Mary said...

Beautifully put. Sorry I missed the parade!

~Jake, Brianna, Jocelyn, and Carter~ said...

I totally agree! Utah was a wonderful place to grow up. Being in D.C. and New York has made me miss it so much more and want the same childhood I had for my kids.

PLUS, I am so excited that you and I are getting to the finish line with our pregnancies. I can't wait! Good luck when the time comes, but then again, you are a pro. Maybe the good luck needs to go to me, the freaked-out newbee. :)

Anonymous said...

Having grown up outside of Utah, I wish I could say the same about my growing-up (school experiences, mostly). I am so glad to be raising my children here! And I love Pioneer Day! I never really 'got it' before having moved here.

Ashlee said...

I'm so glad you love Utah! Me TOO! I really like Illinois, and the people here are great, but they have this annoying habit of making fun of Utah. It's starting to bug me, and I was happy to read your thoughts. Go Utah!

Unknown said...

Kinda bummed I missed a fun weekend! :( Bah.