Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4-Fer Summer Birthday Bash!

Yesterday the family gathered in SLC in honor of the birthdays of four amazing women.
First we have Granny. Some of the kiddos have been good about calling her "Great Granny" now, but she's always "Granny" to me. My mom is "Nanny" to my kids, so it works. Granny is such a special part of our family. She has been very involved and an important piece of every birthday and holiday and get-together as far back as I can remember. Her role in my up-bringing is so significant -it's the kind of role I would hope to have with my children's children. I want them to know and love me the way I do her. Thank you Granny for giving us another wonderful year of your ever-present love.

The next birthday is Mom. Mom is indescribable when it comes to the role she actually plays in my life. …She’s pretty much my guardian angel -and has been for an incredibly long time. I can’t even fake my independence from her. I love that she’s so available to talk to. She always has an opinion (hmmm, wonder where I get THAT from), but is so careful to try to stay objective. I think mom understands me much better than I even give her credit for. I’m so grateful to her for her example -of education, of dedication and hard work, of limitless love and commitment, and most importantly of individuality. Mom is a free spirit, and I have so much of her in me, it’s really an honor. I love you, Mom.
For her birthday, Mom received (from Rach -good work!) a beautiful bracelet like the ones we all have... Ours say "sisters" and her's says "mother". ...It brought a few tears, as she's now a part of the 'club'. :)
It was Rachael's birthday too!! Rachael has long been among my dearest of dearest friends. Rachael and I have been pretty tight since I moved to SLC back in 1999. She is someone you can’t help but stand back and simply admire. Rachael either totally has it all together, or has everyone fooled really really well. I’m pretty sure it’s the first choice, as she is so black and white about right and wrong -I can’t seen her putting up much of a front. Rachael is my best moral-compass when I need an opinion and feedback. She is the voice of reason for me on a lot of issues -and her opinion is one of the most valuable I can attain. Rachael doesn’t have the first idea about how beautiful she is, as she gives so much of herself and doesn’t embrace the incredible beauty and example of a woman that she really is. …She just IS those things. Rachael is selfless and loving. She’s an incredible mom, wife, and friend. I admire so many things about her, I can’t begin to express how much she means to me -it’s an honor to be her sister.
Last and certainly not least is my lovely sister Sarah. Sarah is the ‘single-and-fabulous’ woman that still owns an envious piece of my heart! She has had some great career moves that have brought her back to school now to get her Masters in Social Work at the University of Utah. Sarah has seen a lot in her time as a social worker, and I can’t help but stand back in awe at what it takes to do what she does. I know that I am not built for MANY things, and working with the public (ahem, some of the SERIOUS dregs of society) for the better good is the LAST thing I feel I could have the patience and understanding for. Sarah has a very open, but determined heart. She has shown extraordinary strength and perseverance in accomplishing her goals, and I am nothing but impressed with what she has to show for it. She’s fascinating to talk to, she loves deeply and freely, and she’s an extremely devoted friend.

I wish each of you the happiest of birthdays, and want you to know that I am SO grateful to share your lives with you.
I love you ladies.


Mary said...

I love this post, and I love reading your point-of-view. You are fabulous too!

Unknown said...

Awe! Thanks for the sweet tributes. :) Don't think I quite deserve THAT much credit, but I appreciate it nonetheless. Love you!

mommynolan said...

Thanks for remembering!

skipper said...

What wonderful Birthday tributes! Isn't is great to have such fantastic women in your life?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love reading how you describe the beauty and special qualities of each woman. Love it!