Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Because

My sweetheart surprised me with these gorgeous roses and a delightful donut yesterday morning. ...Does it get any better? Thank you so much, baby.
(Ella wanted to jump in to the shot! ...Teach 'em to love the flowers young!)


Jessica said...

How beautiful. What a sweet hubby. Oh ya and I found out about you living by my sis when I was in Logan last. Ella was playing outside and I said hi to her...crazy.

Joni said...

Seriously, that is the sweetest thing.... Keep that boy around!

Ashlee said...

Oh!!! With how it sounds like you've been feeling lately with your pregnancy I think you deserved those! What a good husband. He gets a star for the day from me.

Lexy said...

thats so sweet, I love it when Dave does that randomly. theyare lovely!