Friday, May 22, 2009

PreSchool Graduation 2009

Last night was a fabulous evening! We attended Ella's PreSchool Graduation!

Ella won the award for animal lover for a few reasons, says Miss Kristie. She said that Ella always brought one with her to school (usually a pokemon, but there are many others) and took care of them... When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said "An Animal Doctor" -I'M SO PROUD! Is it too soon to base my retirement on the career success of my child? Here's Miss Kristie talking all about Ella!
Here's Miss Lynn with Ella. She has been one of the most incredible and important people in Ella's short life! We LOVE her so much!
Here's Ella and Miss Kristie!
The graduates! Class of 2009!
The attendees: Mia-babes!
Me -in a VERY hot and bright sun!
Nanny! Ever supportive, she's the one who found this preschool for us in the first place. Lance was scheduled and unable to make it -so it was sure nice to have another adult with me along for the wild ride.
Congrats Ella!


Mary said...

I'm so proud!

mommynolan said...

It was lots of fun to see Ella "graduate". I hope Mia gets the same wonderful experience. thanks for inviting me.

something very bright said...

Congratulations Ella!

Anonymous said...

Ella looks so happy. And what a darling little dress. We have our graduations happening in the next couple of weeks. It's fun for them to be in the spotlight.

Joni said...

She looks adorable in her cap! So much fun!

Ashlee said...

Well that is just adorable. Love that they got real graduation hats!

skipper said...

I love preschool graduation! Ella looks darling and I'm glad she had such a great experience! Are you sending her to Kindergarten in the Fall?

skipper said...

Sorry to comment twice, but I just realized that I don't have your email address. I went to Jo-Ann's the other day and looked at fabric. They don't have any white brocade but they do have an ivory with delicate green vines and flowers on it. Send me your email address and the next time I'm at Jo-Ann's I'll take pictures of various fabrics and email them to you (if you're still interested in me making your blessing dress, that is!) My email is: