Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our New Home

Here are some of the pictures of our home. Yes, that's a lovely diaper basket on the entertainment center: a must-have. These are all livingroom. Le Kitchen-

These were taken at Mother's day, so we have flowers and gifts on the table... ...Ella gifts on the other table.
One of the bathrooms.
Both Ella and Mia's rooms still need a bit of work -I'll blog them later on, I'm sure. Nice to have a record of our home -it's where the kids are growing up!


Joni said...

So cute Becca! I'm glad that you are getting things "livable"! Your so talented at decorating!

mommynolan said...

Every house you live in you make into a home! You do such a lovely job of it too.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. I love the countertops! You have nice taste. :)

Mary said...

It's lovely--remind me to come see it this weekend.

skipper said...

It's beautiful! You're already so put-together! And I love the diaper basket, mine were always in piles in various corners :) Incidentally, it's been a whole week since we used one! (Diaper, that is)

something very bright said...

Nice house!