Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

To get the party started, we (Lance, Chaedon & Ella -no stinkin' way am I spending the night on the ground while I'm pregnant!) went camping on Friday night!! We went with Scotty and Candace

and Aneesa and Chaston. Here's Chaedon with Chazzy and Ella, they're wrestling.I think Chaedon lost!
Here's a chatty Lance while the kiddos wring each other's necks!
Here's my boy on my girl's bike! It was a precious moment.
The kids look like they've had a little too much sugar!
Yeah, Mia got some too!
I'm starting to notice in my token self-portrait that I'm looking more haggard as this pregnancy goes forward. I'll either stop posting these shots, or maybe post them as a record that I can use to extort something from the new baby for the noticeable toll she's taken on me!
Here's the daddy.
Lance taught Chaedon how to use the chain-saw. *Good ole' father-son bonding.
Aneesa is AWESOME with babies -she loves to make Mia laugh!
It was a great night -while I lasted. Lance tells me that the kids were awesome and they had a fun time. I'll pick up the rest of the weekend in the next blog entry.
I'm sure you'll see lots o' camping pix this summer. It's our favorite thing to do! ...Even when I'm driving home late and snoozing on a comfy bed! :D


mommynolan said...

Looks like fun! But I am with you, sleeping in my own comfy bed wins out every time! Mom