Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Davy

I have a lot of memories about Dave. Growing up, he was such a BOY! John had three older sisters all over him, and he was a little more tender-hearted than Dave was. He was a bit more rough-and-tumble, and was as adorable as they come. Dave had wispy blonde hair and the biggest brown eyes. He was a chubby little dude –I remember trying to zip up his little blue one-piece suit, and having to stop, as the zipper would pinch his neck at the top! That didn’t last wrong, and we all questioned the gene pool a little bit in the back of our minds as he became insanely skinny –and has remained so all of his life! I remember Dave being CRAZY about Aladdin when that cartoon came out, and he wanted to be like him. I remember him having TERRIBLE stage fright as he stood in the Logan Tabernacle and tried to sing with all the kids, but just cried instead. –Broke my heart!
My favorite Dave memory was of his eighth grade graduation assembly. Granny and I had snuck in the back of the Mount Logan Middle School Auditorium, and watched as the curtain rose to find Dave’s band; Woodly Bog performing! I don’t know where the connection flipped from stage-fright to on-stage, but when Dave goes for something, he goes BIG! The boys had their MLMS tee shirts (for PE) on with jeans. What stood out, was that Dave was first wearing jeans that you could fit three Dave’s in, but on the jeans were pinned every manner of stuffed animal that wasn’t be used around the house! The music started, and the boys began to play. Now, I’m not a prude, however, Alice Cooper’s “Poison” was probably not on the top of my list of songs to be singing to sixth-graders!! Read the lyrics! When the performance ended, as the curtain came down, the girls were screaming, the hysteria coming to a close –the teacher’s faces coming out of their hands, Dave grabbed at the stuffed animals pinned to his huge pants, and threw them out to his adoring fans. It was one of the BEST moments I’ve ever seen! This band would go on to play the Warped Tour! ...Then all go on missions and get married and stuff.
Dave served a mission in Washington State, and has always been incredibly influential with his ability to communicate. He has so much drive and ambition. We lost John while he was out on his mission, but Dave was strong enough to choose to stay where he was. He’d written and recorded a song the morning of John’s death (before he knew) called “Look to Him and live” which was played at the funeral and the lyrics were printed on the program. It's like he was there –incredible. Dave continued to develop many talents, and married his beautiful sweetheart Alexis. He’s an experienced entrepreneurial business man –with a degree from USU. He’s looking to further his education with a masters program. He and Lex now have Noah, and live in SLC. I can’t imagine not having David’s influence in our family and in my life personally. The inspiration he is to me can’t be put into words, but on a very human-level, David is absolutely loving and warm and accepting, and generous, and a riot to be around. Happy birthday, Davy, I love you.


Ashlee said...

That was such a sweet tribute to your brother! I have a brother that I adore too. Thanks for all the warm fuzzies. It made me happy to read that, and I have to say that I think he's really lucky to have a sister like you :)