Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Dave!!

We had a fantastic birthday party at Rachael's in SLC yesterday. Dave is 26 already -I just can't believe it. I'm getting older, but it's weird to me that my siblings are keeping up! Lex takes a fabulous picture -even with her eyes closed! :)
Here's Mia in the car on the drive up. I put her in Granny's built-in car-seat (Lazy mom's best friend) which turned out to be a BIG mistake, as I had to hold her little head up when she dozed. This took away some of the pleasure of being a passenger -who could have dozed herself. Oh well.
Funny picture! Ella is snoozing in the back -like I wish I were!

My lovely Granny! I thought this was such a beautiful picture!
Mary and Allen! ...Yes, Allen always looks suspicious... (wink)
Beautiful Lily -who doesn't look like a baby anymore! She'll be a big sissy next month!!
Baby Noah -sportin' his mini-mo-hawk. Too cute. ...And too skinny!
Dad playing with Ella.
Fabulous Sarah -the designated baby photographer!
Lex is THE BOMB! Who else would chase Ella around ...happily? No wonder Ella wants to be just like her.
Ok, Mia-babes is NO THRILL SEEKER!!!! If you toss this kiddo up, she'll look at you like she was just slapped! We started with the big swing -Mia on my lap. We moved to the fun little bucket baby swing, and Mia had a blast! Look at the smile on this baby! Ha!