Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Over the weekend we went to see Rachael and my other siblings in SLC. I headed out on Sunday afternoon with the girls. They’re both excellent little travelers. On the 215, Ella really needed to go to the potty, so I gave her the camera to snap a few pictures in order to take her mind off of things. Here are a few of her shots! Rachael and I spent some time organizing a few things for the new baby –scheduled to arrive in the next month. Hopefully what we accomplished was helpful and the transition with the baby will be smooth…
Here are some of the cutest shots from the weekend:


Joni said...

Such cute kids.... I'm pretty sure we have the same cell phone! You're such a great sister to help get ready for the new babe!

Kate said...

Ms. Rebecca. You are in BIG TROUBLE for not calling me. BIG!!!