Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Resting In Peace

I came home from work to find this in my bed.

Little did Ella know that a dear little friend of hers was resting in peace now too –Max the Dog. On Monday Debbie watched the girls while Lance slept (he worked a double again). Max charged Ella, but didn’t bite her. Ella turned to Grandma and said “Whew that was a close one!” –and didn’t understand what really happened there… Debbie looked at her with sadness and said, “Yes, it was.” She spoke with Donny about it that night, and yesterday when she finally found the nerve, she and Candace took Max to the Doctor’s office to be euthanized. Max snipped at the nurse –which he’s never done, which gave them both a bit of a final indication that something within him wasn’t right anymore.
My heart is broken for Debbie, as Max was the reason she decided to retire, and he was her best friend. My heart is broken for Ella –who has been SO attached to him from the beginning. She still prays for Elvis –my family’s dog, which died almost a year ago. Yet, I do feel safer and better that my loved ones aren’t at the risk they were with the change in his temperament. Not the best day.
Ella and I talked about it last night. Off the bat, she asked “for real?”. I reminded her about how Max started to nip at people –and that it wasn’t like him to do that, so he was sick. I told her that Debbie had a special conversation with Heavenly Father, and it was time for Max to come up to heaven and play with Elvis. She took it well, but we went through a lot of questions about death. Thank God I have a testimony that we go on after this life. I can’t imagine trying to explain something like this without God at the head –as well as looking forward to seeing those we love again someday. Last night as she prayed, she asked Heavenly Father to take care of Max until she “comes up”. We love you, Max.


Kate said...

What a tough decision! I really feel for Debbie. I love my dogs so so so much... yet I hope if this were to happen, I would be strong enough to do the same thing.

Rachael said...

Man! That seriously makes me cry!!! I'm so sorry for Debbie... and Ella.

Teri said...

What a sweet story. I'm so happy to be catching up on your blog after those two weeks in the hospital. Its so great to see that you are all doing well!