Thursday, May 1, 2008

The 4-fer

There have been many an exchanged email buzzing around my family about the BIG 4-fer (not like a 2-fer, this is HUGE) this weekend! Grandmother (Dad’s mom) is being flown in for the events on Friday. To celebrate:
* Dave's graduation -he's graduating with his business degree from USU. My brother is amazing and deserves his own blog entry, so more on that later.
* Ella's birthday -she's gonna be 4! I'm hoping that somehow that magically means she won't throw any more temper tantrums... :D Wishful thinking? I can't believe how quickly my little girl is growing up! I guess they're not tantrums, as much as whining. We're in a weird stage where she's not wanting to nap, but she's too worn out by the end of the day to really keep it together. Fun for me!
* Benny's Blessing -Baby Benny is being blessed on Sunday. Allen (Mary's hubby) is picking his mom up from the train -she's coming in from CA for the event. I'm glad I'll be here for it! Few women deserve to be a mom as much as my sister Mary. It's always been what she's known she was meant to do (as successful as she is -with a degree in Biology working for IHC as a surgical tech).
* Mother's Day -A celebration honoring our Mom. I guess we'll all do our own Mother's day spiel with our families, as 4 for 5 siblings are parents; however, this is for OUR mom. I have a nice gift that I can't wait to give her. It will be great.

The itinerary:
· Saturday morning: Meet at parent's and head to Dave’s graduation at USU.
· After the graduation: dinner at Hamiltons
· Saturday evening: party for Ella’s birthday –SIMPLE with hotdogs, etc.
· Sunday afternoon: Benny’s blessing & pictures
· After church: dinner for Mother’s day

Lots going on!


Hev said...
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Hev said...

HI Rebecca! I commented and then accidentally deleted :) Oops! :) What a busy weekend! :) I hope it has been fun and relaxing even though it was busy!