Monday, May 5, 2008

OK! The 5-fer

Fine fine fine. For those of you who check my blog regularly, yes the weekend was originally a 5-fer.
First, David's graduation: David is my brother and is an incredible man. He has managed to finish school amidst making his own business, raising a baby (Noah), and keeping his marriage and family together amidst some very rough trials. I'm so impressed with his drive. I honestly don't know anyone with a stronger work ethic than my brother Dave and his wife Lexie. Way to go Dave! Congratulations! Second, Ella's birthday: What a fun night! She got her dinosaur cake (tasty!) -with dinosaurs that make noise (noisy toys are my nemesis -no one told me that these cake toppers were NOISY) and lots of fun clothes and shoes and even some cool toys in the deal. Ella was so sweet about it. She actually turns 4 on the 14th, but this was the opportunity for everyone to share in the fun! She called it her "early birthday celebration".

Third & Fourth, blessings: Sunday -Yes, I had pulled Mia's blessing from the list, as there were simply too many road blocks. By a very inspired twist of fate, Lance's work cancelled the Sunday shift, and it was back on. My dad blessed her -and it was amazing. Little Mia is so loved it's overwhelming. Bless her heart, she's so attached to Lance and myself that she now will hardly let anyone else hold her without her "losing it" as it's been called. We've been pretty tight this weekend. :) Fifth, Mother's day: We all celebrated our mother in the afternoon -this after a delightful dinner, buffet style (works GREAT when the numbers get this big). Mom is the keystone to this family. It's so wonderful to be able to honor her and let her know how much she means to us.
It's been a crazy and busy weekend with lots of planned events, but there were two unexpected highlights: The first is a song that my brother David wrote for his wife Lexie. They've gone through SO much, and the song tells her in such an incredibly beautiful way how much she means to him. David played it for the family -and I watched Lexie bury her head in tears. We all felt such a wonderful spirit of love in the home. The second was a very spontaneous and suprising announcement that my sister Rachael is expecting her second child! We can't believe it!! Her kids will be 15 months apart! WE'RE SO EXCITED!!! Lily will be a big sissy!
Lots of emotion, lots of love. I have an incredible family that I am so grateful to be a part of.