Monday, April 28, 2008


A word on juniors: Up until Christmas 2006 I was the only sibling with a child at all. Little Ella had all the attention :) . Rachael and Seuao announced a pregnancy that started a chain of additions no family can truly prepare for!

Lily Alaimalo Niusulu (Rach & Wow's baby) was born in June.

Noah John Nolan (Dave & Lexie's baby) was born in September.
Amelia Renée Sortor (MINE) was born in November.
Benjamin Allen Cox (Mary & Allen's baby) was born in February.
4 babies in 8 months. Fourple the love.


matt&meg said...

Cute babies! I love your blog BTW!!! just love it :)

Kate said...

What darling kids!

Teri said...

Look at all of those kids that Ella can boss around and teach how to get into trouble! That's the way it would work in our family!

Ashlee said...

Hey! This is Ashlee Burton! I am so glad you got a blog. They are the easiest, funnest way to keep in touch with people. Your girls are beautiful of course, and I just wanted to say that I loved the ugly frog story. Why do kids make attachments to things like that?!?