Thursday, June 14, 2012


The days pass so quickly.  I am trying to make my time with the girls as "quality" as it can be, however, I'm hitting a bad block of time (4pm to 8pm) where Ella wants to stay busy playing with friends... Mia wants to follow her.... Sabrina is exhausted and doesn't like to take naps (but falls asleep sometimes anyway).  The goal is to keep the relationship that I have had with each of them when I was at home all day long.  I think Summer is especially hard because the kids have to find something to do (be entertained) all day long...  I'd feel awesomer if the girls were all in school while I worked...
Anywho, we made dinner, we washed hair, we made dessert, we played Super Mario Bros., we watched 2 episodes of Hannah Montana.  I'm trying...  : /


Joni said...

Being a mom who works full time out of the home is tough. You're doing a great job and you most certainly won't take what time you get with your girls for granted. Quality over quantity girl :)

Mary said...

Trying is all we can do. Love ya, babe.