Sunday, December 11, 2011


The siiiiiicks has a double meaning... It's long because it covers 2 days (I want one more shot at it tomorrow), and the "cks" part of it goes toward an ugly stomach bug that's been plaguing the tummies and toilets of the house. Eew.

Ok, so yesterday was the ward party. The meal was tostadas (deeeelightful) and I didn't have to cook! That's what went right...
Lance's Dad wound up back in the hospital (after a terrible history as of late, including a quintuple bypass) and was ambulanced to Ogden. The car broke. The wii broke.
Merry Christmas $ = :(
Okay, so here's why my Christmas spirit is :) --No one was hurt or injured when the car broke (could have cost lives if these springs had exploded (thanks for expiring the recall last month, Ford) while going any faster). Ella couldn't play the wii all day (woo!). ...And after draining his chest and running tests, I don't know the current situation with Donny, but I think that no news is good news. I will have to hound Lance for the update later on. After I heard about Donny last night I said a prayer. I cried and prayed, and was impressed to ask for his health if it be His will. I kinda had a panic attack after that. There was an incredible relief to hear that the hospital hadn't called during the night.

The miracles are everywhere and can be recognized when we accept His grace into our hearts and look.

No pictures lately -during this experiment. ...Just words. A LOT of thought.


mommynolan said...

Looking for miracles is the only way to find them!!!

Rachael said...


I am LOVING these blogs. I'm sorry so many rotten things happened all at once! But perspective is definitely everything.

Love you so much & can't wait to hang during Christmas!


something very bright said...

I'm glad you still have the holiday spirit!