Monday, December 12, 2011


Tonight we ventured to Mom's house for some family time/ differ/ hang with my friend Betsy-babes. We had a great time. Mom took a few moments to talk to the kids about the Christmas things they see every day -and what it signifies. IE candy represent the crook that the Shepperd's saw. We talked about stars, and Ella actually proved to me that the lessons were working! -She told us about the night before our Savior was born, the dark night sky never came. It was as bright as the sun for the entire night. Those who were unbelieving were panicked. I don't want that judgment one day of being one who panics and hides in shame.

Lots of work to do.

Thoughts on my experiment... I am so much happier now in this moment of my life than I had been for entirely too long.

Got most of the Christmas cards finished, got the car back ($268 -never gettin' that back I have any rich friends? Leave a comment, or send a check in the mail!! Cash is acceptable too!), glamorizing my friend for photos, and took the pictures too! I hope that something looks good for her. The season of giving, of beauty, of Christ has truly captured me. I absolutely love love love